Costa Rican athlete from Short Adaptive ranked #4 worldwide in the Crossfit Games

Effort and sacrifice were the keywords José Pablo Sancho used as inspiration to achieve one of his biggest goals, to be among the top 5 in the world in his Short Adaptive category at the Crossfit Games.

As a child, he began sports by practicing soccer, basketball, volleyball, athletics, and taekwondo. His passion for sports came at a young age due to his parent's encouragement and persuasion to try new things and have discipline. Sancho suffers from achondroplasia, a condition that makes his upper and lower extremities shorter while his head and level of his trunk are average height. Despite this, his parents instilled in him that nothing in this life was impossible and not let anyone or anything limit him.

“Disability as such is thinking that you are not capable of doing something. Fight, I think that's what keeps driving me every day even though life is hard (for everyone). The worst fight is the one not fought" shared Sancho.

CrossFit came into his life a year and a half ago by his friends who encouraged him and little by little he gained lots of joy and passion for the sport. But due to an injury, he had to stop training. When he decides to return, he realizes that the CrossFit Games included the adaptive category!

But the most curious thing about it is that the same day he read about it was the last day he could send his video to the Open. He did not hesitate and left aside the fact that he had not trained for 3 months. 

Nevertheless, despite his absence from the sport, thanks to all his effort and sacrifice managed to be in the top 10 worldwide and position himself as number 4 worldwide in the Short Adaptive category at the CrossFit Games.

Although this year 2022, the competition was virtual, it is expected for this category to compete in person at the Games next 2023.

Sancho is extremely grateful to all the people who supported him during this journey and was delighted to meet some new wonderful people.

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