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Byron Siles ranked in the top 10 in speed skating at the 2022 World Games

Congratulations! The track speed skater, Byron Siles, managed to position himself among the best 10 worldwide in the 500 meter sprint test at the 2022 World Games

With a time of 4407, the tico was number 7, being eliminated by Ricardo Verdugo, Li Yang and Simon AlbrechtThe first place was taken by the Colombian Andrés Jiménez

Likewise, Siles participated in 4 other tests of his sport and these were his final positions:

  • 500 meters sprint - seventh (#7)
  • One lap sprint - ninth (#9)
  • 100 meter sprintt - twelfth (#12)
  • 200 meter time trial - twelfth (#12)
  • 1000 meters sprint - twenty-sixth (#26)

On the other hand, the Costa Rican Yuliana Abarca finished her competition in speed skating in 16th place in the 10 thousand meter elimination test

What are the World Games? They are the World Games for non-Olympic sports that are organized every four years by the IWGA (International World Games Association)This year the eleventh edition will be held in Birmingham, United States, where 36 challenging and competitive sports will participate

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