How can you choose your grips

If you are looking for some grips and you don't know which one you prefer, you can continue reading and you will know which ones you are looking for.



Fingerless (without gaps), if you are looking for a total coverage of your palm and your specialty is fast movements, these are your perfection, since these grips are specifically designed for fast transitions between gymnastics and other functional movements of fitness, such as handstands, doubles, or barbell moves.
They have a width of 8 cm.

2 holes

2 holes, if you are looking for a greater movement to the fingers and you don't like that the grips cover the whole palm, these are your perfection. As these grips provide a very efficient grip on wall pull ups, rings and kettlebells.

Have a width of

3 holes

They provide coverage over the most vulnerable areas of your palm to breakage and leave so you can have a bare skin connection to the bar. They also allow you to have a good grip on the bar.

They have a width of 8.2 cm to 9.5 cm


They are made of synthetic leather coated with a layer of special resins so that you can provide long life and high performance for your intense training to the grips.

You have several options of different types of materials:

Carbon fiber

Penables greater breathability, more flexibility and greater resistance to wear and temperature changes.

Suede Leather

Chamois leather is fine, supple with a soft, velvety feel. If your hands are very sensitive, this type of material will favor you a lot.

Hard chamois leather

This type of chamois is harder and will help you to have a good grip on any slippery bar. If your preference is pull ups, this type of material will favor you a lot.


Quality improvement, resistance, comfort, protection and with a greater grip.

The strap of the grips is made of 100% nylon of the highest quality so that you can provide a good fit between the grip and the wrist.

The buckle was made thicker to facilitate the passage of the strap. It is made of iron covered with chrome and antioxidant oil (this is to prevent oxidation when it comes into contact with sweat)


This choice is up to you, but to guide you in this decision you should take into account the size of your hand.

Measure with a ruler from your wrist/hand to the base of your middle finger Be precise and do not round up or down. Make sure your hand and fingers are completely straight and flat. DO NOT cup your hand or stretch your fingers back.


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