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Daniela Cortés achieves a new Major National record in the hammer throw

National pride! The hammer throw athlete, Daniela Cortés, managed to break a new Senior National record at the 2022 Central American Senior Athletics Championship.

This was one of the biggest goals that Cortés had this year, since the previous record had been achieved by herself of 51.47 m, and now she surpassed it at 52.47 m. Since the end of 2019, this athlete is the only one who has gradually achieved this mark.

Cortés began her life in athletics at the age of 14, some time later she was discus champion and selected nationally. Already when her body was more prepared, she began to use the hammer and managed to participate in both national and international competitions.

“The hammer throw is quite a heavy sport for such a youthful body. When I was 18 years old, I went to Cuba to specialize, only compete in the hammer, leaving aside the discus”, explained Cortés.

What is “hammer throw”? It is an athletics event, specifically field, a hammer is used, which consists of a metal ball attached to a handle by a steel cable. The person who throws it the furthest at an angle set by the judges wins. The women's hammer weighs 4 kg and the men's hammer weighs 7.25 kg

“What I like the most is that being an athlete is a lifestyle, there is a love-hate relationship, sometimes it is quite complicated and discipline comes into play, sometimes Sometimes there is no motivation to go to training, however, discipline and perseverance are key”.

“Being with my team, the international experience, meeting new people, discipline and determination are super important and I know they are qualities that will always be with me, even when I leave the sport ”, expressed the young athlete.

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