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From CrossFit fans to partners, create TILARÁN WIND WOD: the first fitness competition in Guanacaste

Friends fans of CrossFit became partners by creating the first fitness competition in the Guanacaste called TILARÁN WIND WOD. It will take place in the Tilarán Municipal Sports Center this Saturday, July 23, 8:00am.

Furthermore, this will be the first edition of this great competition, which Isaac Oses Chacón (coach and owner of Oses Crosstraining) and Eliud Arias Araya (graphic designer and owner of ABBA Studio) organized.

According to what Oses told us, it all started with the idea of ​​competing among friends and acquaintances, however, it reached more people and they chose to hold the event at a national level for all audiences.
Its main objective is to be able to make this a competition that takes place annually, has great national recognition so that the best athletes in the country can participate in it, so that tourism in the area is also increased.
"Usually all the events are always in San José, competitions of whatever we wanted to do it and give it a name so that it would be something from Guanacaste and for people to know that in Guanacaste there are athletes who like sports," explained Oses

Currently, they have more than 14 registered boxes and 75 athletes who will compete in the categories: modified men, modified women, and RX men.

It will be a one-day competition, with three events and a final, mentioned before, it will start at 8:00 am and end around 4:30 pm.
Athletes will be awarded food and have policies the support of the Sports Committee, Red Cross, Police, and Municipality of Tilarán.

In the same way, Oses tells us how proud he and Arias feel for having managed to make this event happen in the best possible way.
"We are satisfied I did not expect to achieve what we have achieved. I did not expect to be where we are, it was a goal we had in mind and are super happy and motivated and organizing more and more were 100% grateful to God," said Osess

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