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Day 1 CrossFit Games 2022: Chaos during the "Bike to Work" event; many athletes ostensibly skipped several laps

This 3rd of August was the first day of the long-awaited CrossFit Games, where athletes around the world prepare to give their best in workouts; however, this day had a bit of chaos due to the weather and, for the first event, "Bike to Work".

Initially, the bad weather halted the event, which later calmed down around 3 pm (US time). Nevertheless, Individual Event 2 and Team Events 2 & 3 were postponed until the 4th of August.

Likewise, there was a controversy in the first Individual event, as the official CrossFit Games website published that the following athletes were sanctioned because they did not complete the required number of laps so their slowest lap time was added to their recorded time for any laps missing from your final score:

  • Spencer Panchik
  • Lazar Đukić
  • Daniela Brandon
  • Elena Carratala Sanahuja

Additionally, athlete Choi Seungyeon completed an additional lap in this event; his score was adjusted in the corresponding last lap to reflect his correct time.

On the other hand, social media exploded against the winner of "Bike to Work": Rich Garard, because of gossiping about the athlete cheating a lap. However, the official website of the Games has not referred to that as an issue but rathered clarify Garad was the winner.

Likewise, Garard's trainer Justin Cotler assured Morning Chalk Up that Rich completed all five laps and that he did win.

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