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Differences between Metcon and CrossFit

Over the years the word "CrossFit" has been positioning itself more and more in the fitness world, however on many occasions people often confuse it with the word "Metcon", and it is for this reason that we will clear out the differences between one and the other.

CrossFit and Metcon are both high-intensity workouts, so it's very easy for people to get a little confused; however, each training system has its own different objectives.

The word Metcon comes from the English word Metabolic Conditioning. A metabolic conditioning's primary objective is to burn fat and spend all the energy possible in the shortest time possible, thus increasing the efficiency of metabolism.

Metcon focuses on achieving its goals by focusing on intense training, and strength, flexibility, or resistance is left in the background. In contrast, CrossFit focuses more on improving strength and flexibility and having a better cardiovascular system.

CrossFit is meant to be a continuous workout since it is built of different elements (gymnastic exercises, weight lifting, and others) aiming to achieve good metabolic conditioning.

To conclude Metcon and CrossFit are perfect complements since Mercon helps you exercise and facilitates the process toward CrossFit.

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