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Items for your garage (ready on monday)

The 4 elements that you cannot miss in your gym garage🏋️‍♂️

We must have something to move around in the house, since physical health and the act of moving is super important and should not depend on a place that is only outside the house, we should all have several objects to exercise at home and these can be:

  • A yoga mat: this helps to do exercises with body weight. It is important to master our weight first. It is used to improve mobility and stretching exercises.
  • Foam roller: this helps to de-stress and improve mobility, being able to massage a little after training or a day that was very stressful
  • Kettlebells/dumbbells: if you know how to use kettlebells, they are a good option, if you don't know how to use them, the best option would be dumbbells.
  • Pull-up bar: not necessarily for pull-ups, but also for hanging, being stretched on a bar is super healthy for the spine, for shoulder mobility, decompression it causes in the spine and now it is very beneficial since many of us spend a lot of time sitting, it improves grip strength.
After having this, you can give other things as a prize such as bars, discs, more weight in kettlebells or dumbbells, and gradually build your own gym garage🏋️‍♂️ with more team.

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