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Elena Carratalá makes history: She is the first Spanish athlete to get an invitation to the CrossFit Games; through this classification method

One more achievement! Days after becoming the first Spaniard to win one of the most important CrossFit competitions in Europe "French Throwdown 2022", the athlete Elena Carratalá got an invitation to the CrossFit Games.

Likewise, the 28-year-old took the title of the first Spaniard to achieve an invitation to the CrossFit Games through the "Last Chance Qualifier". This method is the ultimatum for athletes to get their ticket to the most important championship.

This year 2022, the structure of the Open was: Quarterfinals-Semifinals-Last Chance-CrossFit Games.

Carratalá came second in this classification and showed how happy she was to participate in this great event for the first time on social media.

“I am here for each of the little steps that I have been taking these years (the good and the bad steps; from which you learn much more) ... This would be IMPOSSIBLE without my great support, who has been with me since I first stepped on a CrossFit box up until now that I am going to step on the CrossFit Games! It seems like a fairy tale! Above all, I have shown myself that my capabilities”, shared the Spanish.

The last chance was an online competition: with a total of 4 WODs over 2 days (June 29-July 1).

Instagram: @_helencarr_

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