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In his first World Championships of Athletics, Gerald Drummond positioned among the top 15

Congratulations! Costa Rican Gerald Drummond finished his first participation in the World Championships in Athletics within the top 15. This great event is in Eugene, Oregon (United States) on the 15th-24th of July (2022), administered by the organizations of World Athletics and the United States Athletics Federation.

The 27-year-old finished in the semifinals in position # 7 of his heat in the 400m hurdles with a time of 49:37.

In the general table, Gerald finished this great stage of #13. Likewise, he thanked all the people who supported him on his social networks and expressed that even though it has been a long and hard road, he has also been full of emotions and promised to give his best next year.

"#13 of the world! ­čçĘ­čçĚIt has been a long and hard road but full of emotions to get here. I went out on the track to leave 100% of myself, promise to continue working to improve, and be able to fight for a place in the World Cup final next year.

Thank you, coach, family, friends, sponsor @hagamosequipocr, and all the Ticos who sent me their good vibesGerald wrote on his Instagram account.

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