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Marina Bull Fest 2022: The first edition of this great fitness competition in Guatemala

This July 1 and 2, 2022, the first edition of Marina Bull Fest, a competition about fitness in Guatemala, will take place on the beach instead of its usual location; the city.

The organizers of this new event Jose Cárdenas and Borja Orero have the goal of creating something different and attractive for the Guatemalan fitness community and for the spectators.

The idea came to Borja because he had visited the Marina Club several times and saw a unique opportunity for the athletes to experience something new.

“Analyzing; there is no better person than Cárdenas with whom I could develop this project. He owns a Box, has been involved in CrossFit for years, making the best choice and partner,” said Borja.

Likewise, for Cárdenas, the competition's goal is to promote fitness so that the Guatemalan population seeks to improve their lifestyle and enjoy this discipline.

A total of 60 athletes of both sexes from all over Guatemala will compete in this event, and people from other countries are expected to participate next year.

For this reason, they are openly inviting nationals and internationals to the next edition, always promising quality and improvement. They also invite you to tour Guatemala and enjoy the beach.

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