Nairo Quintana does not sit idly by and seeks to appeal his disqualification from the Tour de France due to a medical violation

Amazing! Today the news was released that the renowned Colombian cyclist Nairo Quintana was disqualified from the 2022 Tour de France for using tramadol during the competition.

The announcement was made by the International Cycling Union (UCI), which stated a violation of anti-doping rules. The UCI has been prohibiting the use of tramadol since March 1, 2019.

"Colombian runner Nairo Alexander Quintana Rojas was sanctioned for infringing upon the use of tramadol while performing," confirmed the UCI.

 The Colombian who finished sixth will continue to be eligible to participate in the rest of the competitions due to this infraction.

Conversely, the athlete declared through social media how he did not intend to sit idly; and assured the public that he has never consumed the substance and how surprised he felt about the news.

"Today I was surprised to learn of the announcement by the UCI of an infraction for tramadol use. I am unknowledgeable of this substance and deny the use of it in my career," Quintana said.

The athlete concluded his post by highlighting how with his legal team, plans were being conjectured for continuance in the Tour of Spain:

"With my team of lawyers, we are exhausting all the processes to

assume my defense. I also want to ratify that I will be in the Vuelta a España, riding my bicycle and giving the best team for my country, and fans"

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