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"It's not being on a diet, it's a lifestyle": TNT-BOX Fitness celebrates its second anniversary!

This June 24, 2022, the TNT box celebrated its second anniversary in Lindora; this is a physical conditioning center focused mainly on the community's health.

One of its goals is for people to be able to exercise and enjoy it at the same time. They mix different training techniques every week so that everyone can have fun while exercising.

We spoke with the general manager of the box, Randall Gómez who told us that they always look for the best for their clients, as well as gradually consolidating themselves as one of the most equipped boxes in the country, a place where people can arrive and have all the equipment they need to achieve their goals

"Right now we want to expand, nationally and internationally, and we are making all preparations so that within six months we can have a CrossFit competition, and bring international competitors" 

Services offered:

They have striking, weightlifting, gymnastics, hypertrophy, cardio, and CrossFit classes

Nutrition: Sports nutrition is the branch of nutrition and dietetics focused on people who practice intense sports and those that require prolonged efforts over time (endurance sports)

Physiotherapy: What does a sports physiotherapist do? In general terms, the sports physiotherapist is a specialist whose job is to prevent and treat physical injuries produced during sports, whether professional or amateur.

Cross Training: What is a Cross Training coach? This training system includes strength and conditioning designed to improve physical condition, developed through circuits built with different elements.

They also have their entire line of clothing such as t-shirts, hoodies, capstans shorts. They also have a supplementation section with proteins, amino acids, creatine, and everything athletes need for excellent nutrition.Contact:

Instagram: @tnt_boxfitness

Facebook: TNT BOX Fitness

Website: https://tntboxfitnesscom/

Whatsapp: +1 786-799-3441

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