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ONIX GYM: Tico achieves one of his greatest lifetime dreams and opens his first gym

You cannot miss it! ONIX GYM opened this Saturday, July 16. It is the first conditioning center located in Lindora, Santa Ana

The founder of this new gym, Jonathan Uba, told us that he is very enthusiastic and excited to be able to fulfill this dream that has been a goal for several years.

“I am fulfilling a dream, there is lots of prosperity, and one feels renewed. I am very enthusiastic about the project and know it will be a success because of how we have worked on it", Uba shared.

Onix is a 100% Costa Rican project that counts on being a semi-custom gym (to teach people how to train and achieve their goals). This unique idea was born in the mind of Jonathan about five years ago.

 What does “Onix” mean? Onix is a well-known black stone with values and concepts the gym portrays: transmits good vibes and energies, plus the establishment matchest its dark and intriguing color.

 A striking fact about the logo is that the red letter “O” represents the blood flow running through the body.

“We want people to set goals for themselves every month and be able to meet them is not a gym where people come just to train they will always have goals” explained Uba.

Services offered:


-Physical Therapy


Likewise, Jonathan invites everyone to visit them since, as mentioned above, they will always focus on the well-being and health of their clients.

“It is a place focused on meeting objectives, so that is the main line of the place, to give people the right education so they can understand how to train and what to do. It intends to stop people from spending their money and consuming things that have no significant impact”, commented Uba

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