Sergio Gutiérrez was proclaimed world walking champion in the Masters in Athletics category

Age will never be a limit! And this was once again demonstrated by the master athlete Sergio Gutiérrez, who became world champion in the 5000-meter walk test, Master category 60-64 years.

The World Masters Championships in Athletics held in Tampere, Finland. The Tico won the gold medal with a time of 26 min and 10 seconds, followed by the Mexican Adan Mendez with 26 min and 11 seconds, the third place went to the Spaniard Luis Abadias with 26 min and 30 seconds.

Furthermore, Gutiérrez brought home a silver medal in the 10 km race walk with a new Central American and national record time of 54 min 49 seconds.

According to information shared by The Master Athletics Sports Association (ADEMA), the athlete is a physiotherapist by profession and has been part of the senior national team for years.

As a Masters athlete, he has competed in 14 World Masters Championships in Athletics and total has achieved 8 gold, 10 silver, and 7 bronze medals:

Puerto Rico 2003: 1 silver-1 bronze

Spain 2005: 1 gold-1 silver

Austria 2006: 1 gold-1 silver

Italy 2007: 2 silvers

France 2008: 1 gold-1 bronze

Finland 2009: 2 silvers

The United States 2012: 1 bronze

Brazil 2013: 1 bronze

France 2015: 1 silver

Australia 2016: 3 gold

Korea 2017: 1 gold-1 silver

Spain 2018: 2 bronzes

Poland 2019: 1 bronze

Finland 2022: 1 gold- 1 silver

Thanks to this he has managed to break several nationally and internationally records.

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