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We bring you some exercises that Tia-Claire Toomey integrates into her workouts

Tia-Claire Toomey is a professional CrossFit athlete and weightlifter who has held the CrossFit Games Fittest on Earth title for the 5th consecutive year.

The Australian has become an international role model, especially for women, because she has broken multiple stereotypes. Because of her excellence, other CrossFit athletes and weightlifters are intrigued to read about her daily routine. 

Foto tomada por Doer Fitness en los CrossFit Games 2019

The website showed four exercises that Toomey integrates into her WOD:

1- Press Ball: To do it right, you must act as if you were throwing the ball. It is a variation of a thruster hat ends in a complete explosive extension.

2- Squat over-head: This is an exercise mainly geared toward weightlifting, a discipline she knows by heart, which is considered a base activity for executing other movements. With it, you can achieve shoulder stability and improve the strength of the spinal erectors.

3- Swing Kettlebell: In Tina's opinion, this exercise is the closest one related to the competition because of its complexity and the fact that it involves the whole body and consequently improves power and terminal extensions.

4-Jump to the box: It is a movement that will allow you to work your legs while being good cardio. This type of workout is essential in a circuit where you work on strength.

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