Tico achieves his greatest goal in life: Qualifying for the World Games in Powerlifting!

For the Powerlifting athlete Manolo Campos, qualifying for the World Games was the greatest happiness, as he fulfilled his greatest goal in life. Now he is ready to give it his all and leave Costa Rica on a high in the US.

Campos began his life in sports in 1998 at the National Weightlifting Games and in 2012 he qualified for the Olympic Games in the same discipline. It was not until 2013 that he began to dedicate himself 100% to powerlifting. Also, he has managed to get world runner-up.

Campos expressed his joy that only the top 6 in the world qualify for the World Games in powerlifting, squats in the bench press, and deadlifts.

“It's a dream, I've been in the weightlifting sport for 22 years, first in weightlifting and then in powerlifting. Now I am at the most important event! For me it is the culmination of my sports career; it is my dream come true”, shared Manolo.

On the other hand, in Cali 2013 a total of 5 Costa Rican athletes participated, but this year there was a historic delegation with 9 athletes in different disciplines:

Powerlifting: Manolo Campos

Bowling: Jonaykel Conejo and Juan José Rodríguez

Racquetball: Andrés Acuña and Felipe Camacho

Billiards: Erick Téllez and Adriana Villar

Skating: Yuliana Abarca and Byron Siles

What are the World Games? They are the World Games for non-Olympic sports that are organized every four years by the IWGA (International World Games Association). This year the eleventh edition will be held in Birmingham, United States, where 36 challenging and competitive sports will participate.

When a sport enters the Olympic program, it automatically disappears from the World Games. This was the case with the Climbing and Karate disciplines, which were accepted for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Program.

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