WOD 666: The CrossFit workout created for the entire body

What is WOD 666?: A training that work the whole body created by coach Costas Leonidou in 2018.

As Costas explained, this workout consists of several heavy compound exercises that rotate.

Your numbers 666, respond to the training design: 6 rounds, 6 exercises, and 6 repetitions per exercise; the goal is to accomplish it in the shortest possible time.

Costas managed to finish it in a time of 11 minutes and 15 seconds

The exercises are as follows:

6 front squats or front squats with 50 or 35 kilos

6 chin-ups or pull-ups

6 bench presses with 80 or 60 kilos

6 deadlifts with 80 or 60 kilos

6 rows with bars or barbell rows with 60 or 40 kilos

6 military presses or military presses with 30 or 20 kilos

Men perform the WOD with the highest weights and women with the lowest.

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