Consulting Residential Areas

We help you develop a functional gym in the most efficient way.

We have the experience and knowledgein the development, design to develop a functional training center of the highest quality in residential complexes, providing the correct advice according to your project.

We adapt to the measurements of your space, providing the best possible solution for your project, since we manage with an extensive database and constant feedback on the projects carried out. The personalized treatment and purchase advice based on your needs guarantees your satisfaction when working with our team.

Make your advice with us at no cost, some of the benefits we offer by making your advice

  • Technical visit (free)
  • Professional support in advice and consultancies
  • Budget for your project
  • Advice on purchase
  • 3D design with an idea of ​​your project
  • Doer support and guarantee
  • High quality products

Take a look at some of our projects:

  • Twelve Center
  • La Estefana Condominium
  • P&G
  • TNT Box Fitness

Convince yourself and call us.

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