Murph memorial day

Michael p. murphy

In June 2005, a four-man Navy SEAL team led by Lieutenant Michael Murphy was discovered during a reconnaissance mission in Afghanistan. Outnumbered, they fought valiantly. Murphy called for help by radio, enabling a rescue attempt that tragically resulted in the helicopter being shot down and all 16 aboard killed. On the ground, Murphy and two teammates were killed. Only Luttrell managed to escape and was rescued days later. Murphy's actions saved Luttrell and allowed for the recovery of the fallen SEALs. This event marked the greatest loss of life for Naval Special Warfare since World War II.

medal of honor

The Medal of Honor is the most prestigious U.S. military award for bravery, given to service members who display exceptional courage and selflessness in combat. Established by the Navy in 1861, it's awarded by the president on behalf of Congress. The original design symbolized the Civil War struggle, depicting a battle between wisdom/war (Minerva) and discord (a recoiling man).