Clubbell: What is it, and what is it for?

Over the years, the Clubbell or Persian weights have gradually gained prominence in the fitness world, due to their great advantages.
Similar to a baseball bat, it is a steel stick that helps you to gain strength and stability in your muscular system. This artifact was used in the gyms for half a century to help improve combat skills and physical conditioning (at that time it was called "nails", and it was originally made from wood not metal, which disappeared with time).

However, 20 years ago, martial arts expert and trainer Scott Sonnon managed to patent this element (Clubbell®) and reintroduced it into the fitness world with his TacFit training program.

Samuel Torres (who told the communication medium 'TeleMadrid'), one of the BEST Clubbell specialists, explained that this device does not have a minimum age to start using. It is designed to help with all kinds of ailments or joint limitations.
“There are people who have come with major injuries to their shoulders, hips, and spine, and this tool has been key in their recovery,” Torres told the media outlet.

The clubbell is used in various sizes, from 6 kilos up to 14 kilos. Marta Burgues from the media highlights the advantages of this element one of them being how it involves the main muscle groups; from the fingers to the pectoral muscles, passing through the biceps, triceps, and even deltoids.

Likewise, it helps the central area through which the muscles that contribute to balance pass, strengthening us to avoid positional problems such as stability, and thus a more slender and refined posture is also acquired.

This training is usually recommended especially for those who want to improve their grip strength, such as athletes or professionals who must optimize their gripping movement and increase their strength.

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