About us

For several years we have been part of the people who have decided to have a healthy, balanced lifestyle, full of sports and good nutrition, but living this change we find many people and companies that need equipment, accessories and supplies in this area.

Doer Fitness was born to provide solutions to people who like to DO, who know that the difference between a dream and an achievement is in the effort made every day, that it is not enough to start if you don't that we should continue… Doer Fitness… Keep Doing.

We are located in Guachipelin de Escazú Última park 2 bodega 21, where we have a show room in which our clients are invited to try our products, we send them all over the country by parcel or we deliver personally.

Our product categories:

Balls: Medicine,Slam,Stone,Lacrosse.
Dumbbell and Barbell.
Gym sleds.
Gymnastic Products .
Kinesiology tape.
Olympic-Gym Barbells.
Rack storage.
Resistance Bands.
Rubber and synthetic grass.
Straps, Wraps and support.
Weight Plates.
Weight Products “Vests, Sand bags”.
Yoga Products .

Other items.


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Email Sales@doerfitness.com