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Five-time CrossFit Games champion Mat Fraser provides these tips for getting better at EMOMs

Mat Fraser is a renowned athlete and an example for many in the world of CrossFit because of the title he gained in the years 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 as the Fittest on Earth .

He is currently the only man who has earned this title 5 times, crowning him the champion of champions.

Because of all this, every time Fraser shares a bit of his advice, people don't hesitate to take it down and put it into practice.

In an interview with Men's Health UK, Fraser provided some tips for getting better and giving it you're all in EMOMs, but what is this? EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute) consists of performing "X" number of repetitions of one or several exercises in less than a minute.

"That has happened to me many times, especially before, going to the gym and only having 30 or 40 minutes to exercise. And for those cases, I am very much in favor of EMOMs, as it is very defined and calculated. You mark or design a 25-minute EMOM, for example, and it can be more than enough, "explained Fraser.

"You can use the first round as a warm-up," Fraser says. "I do a lot of 40-minute EMOMs. It's a big part of my training, I do them once, if not twice, a week. They're exhausting "When I'm short on time, it's always my best option. First I warm up, familiarize myself with the exercise and for the rest of the minutes, I go full, to the max. 40-minute EMOM, with 40 seconds of work per minute," Fraser concluded.

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