• What are the hours of the Doer Store Escazú?

Our store hours are from 9am to 6:30pm, Monday through Sunday, non-stop.

  • Where can I buy in Costa Rica?

You can buy through our website or in our store located in San José, Escazú, Última Park 2 Local 21.

  • Is free shipping covered throughout Costa Rica?

Yes, at Doer Fitness we work so that your order arrives at your doorstep anywhere in the country for free.

  • What shipping options do I have if I make a purchase?

You can choose between these options:

Free shipping (2-8 days)
DOER FLASH shipping (24 Hrs) *Available only at GAM
Withdrawal at Doer Store Escazú

  • Can I pick up my order through Uber, Didi or Orders Now?

Yes it is possible, we just need you to share with us via Whatsapp (+506 7019 0765) the order number and the express information (full name of the driver and license plate number of the vehicle).

  • What shipping methods do you use?

We run our own transportation fleet in which we do most of the shipping. We also make shipments through third parties such as Correos de Costa Rica, Moovin or different parcels to offer coverage throughout the country.

  • How long does it take for free shipping?

Once the purchase is made, work is done to prepare the order as soon as possible, normally it takes between 2 to 4 days but there is a delivery period of 8 business days at most.

  • If I want the order before the established time and I can't pick it up at Doer Store Escazú?

You can select DOER FLASH, in this method there is an additional cost to ship within 24 hours (this type of shipment applies only to GAM).

  • Stock sold out

If you are interested in a product that is out of stock, write to us on Whatsapp (+506 7019 0765) to provide you with information about it.

  • If I select “Pick up at Doer Store Escazú” when can I pick up my order?

If you selected "Pickup at Doer Store Escazú" you can pick up the order at any time during store hours. In order to pick up the equipment, it would be with the identification and the number of the order to be picked up.

If you want another person to pick up your order, you must tell us in advance the person's name and identification number in order to make the delivery.

  • If I go to the store, can you deliver my order immediately?

Yes, you just have to come to our store and present your identification with the order number to pick up the order.

  • What are the hours of the Doer Store Escazu?

Our store hours are from 9am to 6:30pm, Monday through Sunday, non-stop.

  • Do you ship outside of Costa Rica?

In products that weigh less than 5 lbs we can send the order to any part of the world, you would only have to cover the shipping costs and be responsible for the customs duties associated with the order once it reaches the border.

  • Do the prices of the products include VAT?

All our prices already include sales tax.

  • What payment methods are available?

We have different payment methods such as:

Debit or credit card
Transfer or bank deposit
Sinpe Móvil

  • What are the bank account numbers?

In the name of Doer Solutions SA
Legal ID: 3-101-724624

Banco Nacional de CR Dollars account: 100-02-171-000765-3
Client account: 15117110020007659
IBAN Account: CR58015117110020007659

National Bank of CR Colones Account: 100-01-171-000740-2
Customer Account: 15117110010007405
IBAN Account: CR44015=<===t2>=
In the name of: Doer Solutions S.A
Legal ID: 3-101-724624

Bac San José Dollar Account: 929130318
Bac San José Client Account: 10200009291303187
IBAN: CR84010200009291303187

Bac San José account in Colones: 929130300
Bac San José client account: 10200009291303000
IBAN: CR89010200009291303000

  • Do you have any type of financing?
We have the following types of financing (Credomatic, Credix or Multimoney).

  • Can I cancel an order with a digital gift card?

To cancel with a digital card, you only have to enter the code in the promotional codes section. If you want to buy in our physical store, you only have to present the QR Code.

  • Card authorization failed?

Normally when you have this problem it is solved by contacting your bank and telling them that you want to make an online purchase in our ecommerce and you need them to authorize the purchase.

  • How do I request my electronic invoice?

You can request it in the notes to the seller section along with the billing information or contact us.

  • How is my credit card information stored?

Doer Fitness stores an encrypted customer identifier that corresponds to information stored with our electronic payment service, 2Checkout.

2Checkout allows you to accept credit card payments online from customers in your home country and abroad. Doer Fitness does not store personally identifiable information on servers.

  • What type of currency and exchange do you use?

Prices are in US dollars and the exchange rate used would be that of the National Bank of Costa Rica or BAC San José.

  • Does the equipment have a guarantee?

At Doer Fitness we are known for our customer service and the highest quality products. All our products have Doer Fitness Warranty and Support, which is focused on maximum customer satisfaction, the warranty time varies depending on each product. All our products are designed for high traffic.