Face-to-face talks

protein myths and truths

The Pancake Chick will expose us this November 20 on the truths and myths about protein.

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Hand Stand Push-ups Workshop

Fittest from Costa Rica Marisol Umaña will give a workshop on Hand Stand Push-Ups in our showroom and will be broadcast on Facebook and Youtube.

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versatile equipment for training at home

Zix Coach will show us some examples of exercises and routines that you can do with equipment to train at home



Coaches David Umaña and Francisco Gutierrez will talk about mistakes athletes make in terms of competition, training, comprehensive development and how to correct them.

This talk will only be available via Instagram Live on Thursday, November 25 at 6:00 p.m.

rowing workshop

Gustavo Errico will give a workshop on the Concept 2 rower where he will explain how to read the information, the anatomy of the rower, adjustments, settings and the correct technique.