Loadable Dumbbell Short

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Garage Sale Doer

Store clearance and sale of selected equipment with exclusive discounts. In this section you will find discontinued products, used for events or with factory details.

Sale conditions:
- The products have a discount because they are discontinued, used or with different types of details.
- The stock is limited and unique.- The purchase of the product does not come with a guarantee.
- To see the details or defects of the product you can visit us in our showroom.
- Photos or videos of the products are not shared in Garage Sale.
- If you make the purchase through the website, you accept the terms of sale of Garage Sale.
- Once the purchase is made, product returns or exchanges are not accepted.
- Products do not have shipping, only pick up in store.
- If you want the shipment, it would be coordinated from Monday, October 4 with a delivery time of 15 business days. We always work to deliver it as soon as possible.

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