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CrossFit Games 2022: Athletes who tested positive for doping are appealing

The official page of the CrossFit Games 2022 shared information on all its social networks about the doping process that the athletes had for the semifinals because more than one tested positive and made the decision to appeal.

The news was released this week after the majority of positive cases were from athletes who participated in Copa Sur 2022 and received their invitation to the Games.

CrossFit Games published the official list of athletes with positive tests for banned substances:

On June 5, 2022, Nasser Alruwayeh provided a sample in Far East Throwdown that contained GW1516 metabolites. He is appealing to this finding.

On June 5, 2022, Phil Toon provided a sample at the Granite Games that contained drostanolone metabolites. You have requested a B-sample analysis.

On June 12, 2022, Sabrina Dellagiustina, a member of the Q21 team, provided a sample in the South Cup Semifinal that contained oxandrolone metabolites.

On June 12, 2022, Inés Alviso , a member of the Kingbull CrossFit Paraguay team, provided a sample in the South Cup Semifinal that contained metabolites of GW1516. Is waiting for the results of the analysis of the B sample.

What are B-sample analyses? As explained by BoxRox, the rules state that the A-sample and the B-sample are taken simultaneously from an athlete. If the A-sample confirms an illegal substance, the athlete may request to test the B-sample as well to confirm or deny the results of the first test.

Likewise, the case that most surprised the public was that of the multiple teams from South America, as well as the men's singles so far, it is not known who would be their representative, because:

- The Brazilian athlete Pedro Martins announced that he tested positive for doping control in the South Cup. Unfortunately this would prevent him from participating in the competition, which is why Martins is in the process of appellate should be noted that CrossFit Games has not made any official announcement, but the third place, Agustin Richelme, could receive the invitation to Madison and replace the Brazilian.

-First place qualifier, Q21 CrossFit, broke the news that, Sabrina Dellaiustina, tested positive for drugs and was immediately kicked off the teamThe athlete publicly apologized through a post on her Instagram account, which you can see HERE

-The second ranked team, CrossFit Ribeiro Preto, posted on their Instagram account that a member of their team had tested positive for this test, In addition, they pointed out that the substances had supposedly been consumed outside the competition, however, they remained in the athlete's body at the time of the test

-The third ranked team, CrossFit Berrini Team Treta, posted on social networks that they will not attend the CrossFit Games, because they have not prepared or trained enough, adding that they have visa problems

-The fourth team, Kingbull CrossFit Paraguay, published that the finalist of their team, Ines Alviso, tested positive for illicit substances, and that although is surprised cannot appeal, due to the high cost of this same

Until the time of this article, the official CrossFit Games organization has not published any changes regarding the invitation of future athletes for this great event, which will take place from August 3 to 7 in Madison, United States

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