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Olympic legend reveals the truth of his story: he arrived in London illegally and was a domestic slave

Quadruple British Olympic champion Mohamed Farah decided to tell his life story through a BBC documentary entitled "The Real Mo Farah". The athlete spoke about his illegal arrival to London as a domestic slave.

Farah, a child of 9 at that time, said that he was born in Somalia and a refugee from Mogadishu, was tricked by a woman who told him that he had relatives in uk and could live with them by pretending to be someone eles (he was given a fake name), something that was not true.

According to the athlete, this woman (belonging to a human trafficking mafia) had him deceived when he arrived in the country, took him to an apartment in the Hounslow neighborhood, in the west of the British capital, and told him that he his new name was Mohamed.

From then on, he was forced to do housework and babysit for another family, and was not allowed to go to school until he was 12.

"The truth is that I am not who they think I am. The real story is that I was born in Somaliland, in the north of Somalia, as Hussein Abdi Kahin. My parents never lived in the United Kingdom", affirmed the champion Olympian, who also mentioned that his father was shot dead when Farah was four years old during the civil violence in Somalia.

It was not until he was in school that he demonstrated great athletic talent, which totally changed his life. And it was his sports teacher, Alan Watkinson, who helped him obtain British citizenship under the name Mohamed Farah, which was granted to him by the authorities in July 2000.

"For years I kept this hidden" The athlete stated that he decided to make this documentary to tell his story and draw attention to slavery & human trafficking.

Farah was the first British athlete to win four Olympic golds in track events. He was awarded the Order of the British Empire in 2013 and the Knight Bachelor in 2017 for his contribution to athletics.

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