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"I'm going to win this fight no matter what": Yokasta Valle will fight in Costa Rica for the WBO world title

Its official! The renowned national boxer, Yokasta Valle, will fight for the global title of the World Boxing Organization (WBO) against the Vietnamese Thi Thu Nhi Nguye. It is about to be the first unification fight for the world title taking place in Costa Rica next Thursday (September 8) at: Heiner Ugalde Sports City in Hatillo, San José.

The fight will broadcast at 9:00 pm through the DAZN platform and the YouTube channel of the production company Golden Boy Boxing.

“I know this fight will be a champion versus champion war, unifying world titles, all or nothing! The only difference is that she'll need to come to my house to face a ‘Yoka’ more motivated than ever!”, Mentioned the world champion of the International Boxing Federation.

Likewise, she assured that she expects to win this title no matter what happens because she feels proud to be able to represent Costa Rica and all the women in the country.

"I'm going to win this fight. Whatever happens, I will be the hero of Vietnam; It is an honor to represent my country and the women of my country. I have been training every day to make this an exciting and action-packed fight and achieve a victory by K.O ”, assured the tica.

Also, the boxer is very happy to have signed with Golden Boy, as she expresses that it is a dream come true.

“When I signed with Golden Boy, I thought there could not be anything better; my childhood dream was coming true. But it turns out that from the hand of God and the support of Oscar De La Hoya and Golden Boy. Today I am surprised again with the opportunity to display to the world that Costa Rica supports its athletes. I can promise all my fans and all Costa Ricans that I will give the fight of my life against a great rival”, Yoka said.

The President of the Republic, Rodrigo Chaves, invited former world boxing champion and promoter of this sport, Óscar de la Hoya, to witness this fight live.

“Óscar de la Hoya, here Rodrigo Chaves, President of Costa Rica, I greet you with admiration and respect. I'm next to the champion Yokasta Valle, our national pride...Óscar, I admire boxers because there is no more arduous sport in the world, and you know we are waiting for you here on September 8, a personal invitation from me, because I want you to have the enormous pleasure that I am going to have too, to see Doña Yokasta unify the world title. Vietnam stands no chance against Costa Rica; just joking. I know that Yokasta will win that fight, we pray to God, and it would be great if you came. Come on, we are waiting for you (wink)” said the president together with Yokasta in a video that the boxer uploaded on Instagram stories.

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